Inrared cameras for iceberg detection

On a recent attempt to shatter the transatlantic record, the crew of Steve Fossett’s 105-foot catamaran PlayStation employed an infrared camera to detect icebergs and bergy bits at night and in restricted visibility. "We have entered the ‘Area of Many Icebergs.’ It’s a little spooky because if we hit any ice, even a small growler, it would destroy PlayStation. The Titanic rests 150 miles to the south. We are studying up on icebergs identification and likely location we are using an infrared camera which displays anything colder than the water," Fossett reported to his support crew during the transit.

Although PlayStation failed to break a record, the infrared technology reportedly worked as intended and there were no Titanic-like contacts with ice. After a return to New York, and a failed attempt at breaking the east-west record, Fossett was again planning to break the New York-to-England record.

By Ocean Navigator