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French & Webb, whose shop is on the waterfront in Belfast, Maine, is one of many such outfits that is part of the centuries-old tradition of the boatbuilding craft in the Northeast. Regrettably, their contribution to one of the more impressive boat projects to launch in the past year was overlooked in our editorial coverage. Peter Webb, co-owner of the yard, writes:

“For the record, I just wanted to correct a common misconception as to the role of French & Webb Boatbuilders in the construction of Lion’s Whelp as reviewed in Issue No. 138 of Ocean Navigator. Phin Sprague [owner of Portland Yacht Services, where Lion’s Whelp was built] brought French & Webb on board early in the (re)construction of the Whelp, specifically to build the on-deck structures at our shops and to later install them on deck. Next, we were asked to build interior components, which included all cabinetry face frames, doors, jambs, drawers, tables, stairs, settees etc.; basically, anything that could be built off-site was built here in Belfast. Additionally, we had a three-man crew on site doing installations of our work. It would be more accurate to say that the crew at PYS worked in concert with F&W to execute Lion’s Whelp’s ‘stunning interior.’”

Since launching in 2003, the Alden staysail schooner has sailed to the Caribbean and back to its home port in Portland, Maine. The boat — including its world-class interior and deckhouses — is indeed an impressive achievement. A belated apology to the crew at French & Webb for the oversight.

By Ocean Navigator