Hot water options

Our options for hot water now are as follows:

1. Run the engine and heat the water with the coolant heat exchanger.

2. Turn the 12-volt switch on for two hours. This will take at least 40 amp-hours from the batteries. But, if we will be motoring somewhere in the next day with the Balmar high-output alternator, why not use the 40-plus amps for a nice shower before we leave? With our strong, capable Freedom Won lithium batteries, this is not a problem.

3. Turn on the KISS wind generator, and turn the selector switch to “Wind.” When the wind is blowing strong and steady, any voltage over 13.8 volts is diverted and we get hot water. We find, however, that most wind is gusty and causes diverter cycles too often to get hot water consistently.

4. Turn the selector switch to “Divert All,” and excess voltage over 13.8 volts will be diverted to make hot water. This combination keeps the diverter consistently powered on, and heating is reliable. Note: We always set a timer with a loud alarm to remind us to turn off the selector switch in order to avoid overheating.

5. After connecting the 120-volt wires, use a step-down transformer coupled with 240-volt shore power or a portable generator to power the 120-volt side of the water heater. Or go to a 120-volt AC marina!

6. Boil water on the propane or wood stove!

By Ocean Navigator