Harpoon Watercraft Recovery & GPS Tracking

Harpoonâ„¢ marks a new era of watercraft protection and is the boating industry’s first GPS-based active recovery solution. Featuring always-on cellular communications, Harpoon incorporates industry-leading GPS technology and comes with the BlackLine Recovery Serviceâ„¢ who works with the authorities for you if your watercraft is stolen. Harpoon’s real-time GPS tracking allows you to see where your watercraft is at any moment.

Harpoon provides peace of mind for watercraft owners that their watercraft is secure. If your watercraft is ever stolen, the BlackLine Recovery Service works with the authorities to quickly recover the watercraft for you.

Harpoon will be available in the first quarter of 2009.

BlackLine Recovery Service
Harpoonâ„¢ from BlackLine GPSâ„¢ features the BlackLine Recovery Serviceâ„¢. If your watercraft is stolen, the BlackLine Recovery Serviceâ„¢ works on your behalf wit the authorities using Harpoon’s real-time GPS tracking.

GPS Security Perimeter
Harpoon monitors the security of your watercraft using GPS. If it leaves its security perimeter, the BlackLine Recovery Service is automatically notified.

Automatic arming and disarming
Harpoon features BlackLine’s Auraâ„¢ technology. Harpoon wirelessly detects your MyPassâ„¢ keyfob when present and disarms automatically. When you leave, Harpoon automatically arms.

Real-time GPS Tracking
Track using your Web browser in real-time. Track as much as you want with no overages or hidden charges. Location-sharing features allow you to share your travels with friends and family.

By Ocean Navigator