Harken Appointed U.S. Distributor of DrSails® Adhesives

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Harken is pleased to announce its appointment as U.S. distributor for DrSails, the manufacturer of a revolutionary all-in-one adhesive for emergency sail and boat repair. Strong and flexible, this fast-curing, shock resistant adhesive bonds to almost anything…sailcloth, fabric, fiberglass, composites, and metals. DrSails cures above and UNDERWATER—perfect for repairing hulls below the waterline. The two-part adhesive is packaged for easy mixing without measuring. Simply squeeze the packs, cut-and-apply. Or use the multi-use syringe applicators for more precise applications.

“DrSails® adhesive is the answer when I’m sailing and need to make a quick repair. The self-mixing tube makes it easy to apply without mess, and the adhesive (in air) achieves 85% of its cure strength in 25 minutes. During the current Volvo Ocean Race, mainsails are sometimes repaired while flying. A DrSails onboard video shows a crew member making a quick sail repair 80 feet in the air!” – Jim Andersen, USA Sales Manager.

DrSails is available in:
Adhesive packs with static mixtures are offered in 10, 25, and 265 ml sizes for multiple applications; and in 5 and 10 ml single-use blister packs that easily fit in a shirt or pants pocket.
Single use repair packs for carbon, fiberglass and general boat repair contain epoxy adhesive, filler, acetone cleaner wipe, gloves and spreader.
Four single use sail kits handle four types of sailcloth: Nylon, woven polyester, fiber-reinforced polyester film, and fiber-filament mono film.
Also available: Replacement mixing nozzles (three to a pack) to fit each size applicator, cleaner wipes (50 per box), and flexible plastic spreaders in packs of 50.

By Ocean Navigator