Hall Spars turns with the tide

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Hall Spars & Rigging, a company well known for racing masts and high tech composite manufacturing, is turning with the mighty tides in Maine’s Cobscook Bay.

The company recently completed the fabrication of tidal turbine blades for Ocean Renewable Power Company’s (ORPC) tidal energy project, a tidal turbine in Cobscook Bay near Eastport, Maine.

The project is the first commercial grid-connected tidal energy project launched in the U.S. and when completed could power as many as 30 homes. ORPC selected the site on Cobscook Bay because of its powerful tides. If the project proves tidal power a feasible alternative source of energy, it could bring jobs to a community that has faced hard times for years. Success will also mean continued diversification for Hall Spars, a company already involved in a number of aerospace and defense industry projects that involve composites.

By Ocean Navigator