Camas, WA — November 4, 2014. No matter where you look, it is nearly impossible to not see someone on his or her smart phone or tablet. We now live in a wireless world where “anywhere access” is not only desired, but expected. Furuno is fully embracing this trend by releasing a “World’s First” in the Marine Electronics Industry, the “1st Watch” Wireless Radar (DRS4W).

Furuno’s 1st Watch Radar fully embodies the true spirit and meaning of wireless technology, as it is the first Radar system in the world that is completely controlled using wireless iOS devices, like the iPad and iPhone. Utilizing new technologies for compressing digital Radar signals, the DRS4W Wireless Radar is the first step in a new direction of portable marine electronics. Boaters now have the freedom to do things that were previously impossible with a conventional marine Radar. You can bring your Radar with you anywhere you are on the boat. Since the display is completely untethered, you are free to roam the vessel, while maintaining full situational awareness of your surroundings.

The DRS4W eliminates the necessity for a traditional signal cable running between the Radar antenna and the display, making installation super-simple and extremely cost effective. Once the dome antenna is mounted and the vessel’s power applied, you can wirelessly connect your iPad or iPhone (or both), just as easily as connecting to the WiFi network in your home or local coffee shop! Utilizing non-propriety, off-the-shelf display technology, such as the iPad and iPhone, also eliminates the need for a traditionally costly dedicated Radar display. Since the iOS display is wireless, mounting is also a breeze.

The DRS4W features a 4kW radome antenna, with selectable range scales from 1/8 NM to 24 NM. The actual app that you put on your iPad or iPhone can be downloaded for FREE from the Apple AppStore and up to two devices can be connected at one time. Once the App is loaded onto your iOS device and connected to the antenna’s WiFi, you can operate the Radar using familiar gestures through the simple touch interface.

Furuno’s new DRS4W 1st Watch Wireless Radar is an amazing advancement in marine navigation. Innovatively leveraging on technology that we use every day, this advancement in modern Radar gives you the opportunity to literally put Radar in the palm of your hand. To this point, the DRS4W just garnered the award for Most Innovative New Technology during the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show. 

To learn more about Furuno’s DRS4W 1st Watch Wireless Radar, or the complete line of quality Furuno marine electronics, see your local Furuno dealer or contact: Furuno U.S.A. at www.FurunoUSA.com.

By Ocean Navigator