Free iPhone app and Web site for Cape Cod area weather

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The Nantucket Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum have launched a free iPhone app, a Web site that provides detailed weather, wind, surf and tide information for Nantucket Island and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, waters. The iPhone app consolidates local weather data from various online outlets, such as NOAA, to serve as a centralized resource for commercial and sport fisherman, cruisers, beachgoers, surfers, and boaters, as well as area residents and visitors.

In a press release, ACK weather said, “The ACKweather iPhone app features radar maps and modules reporting weather forecasts, buoy data, tidal current conditions, wind observations, wave height and direction, and sunset and sunrise information. In addition, there will be a new webcam providing a view of the harbor conditions from the Steamship Authority building. The app will also include seasonal Nantucket ferry, fastboat and flight schedules. has also added two new modules; one module will feature moon phases, and the other focuses on Nantucket beaches, providing the corresponding numbers for each beach name in an effort to increase beach safety. Twitter and Facebook feeds give on-the-water updates in real time, supplied by boaters, surfers and islanders, while other sections track storms and educate site visitors about the dangers of rip tides. The on-the-water feeds will enable visitors to make well-informed travel decisions.”

 “We had close to 100,000 different visitors to the website last year,” explains year-round Nantucket resident and Museum Trustee Eric Holch. “An iPhone app was just a natural extension of the website.  People want to make informed decisions before going out on the water and so many people have smart phones that they can pull up the data without a computer.”

The iPhone app was created by the Nantucket Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum to encourage safety at sea for all area boaters and beachgoers. “ACK” is the abbreviation used to identify Nantucket Airport by the FAA

By Ocean Navigator