For fans of charts and nav lights

For those of us that love the look of paper charts, and who like to use buoys and other lighted aids to navigation, here is the ultimate gift from a fellow named Carl Welshman and his company, Harbour Lights. Carl takes standard paper charts and punches small holes where there are lighted aids to navigation on the chart. He then inserts a colored LED that matches the color of the light on the buoy or lighthouse or lighted tower. Then he makes his charts truly unique by wiring the LEDs to a microprocessor controller that flashes the LED in the same characteristic as the real light. The result is a fascinating bit of art, flashing and occulting and staying fixed just like the real lights in your harbor. As neither paper charts nor aids to navigation may be around much longer in the age of GPS and electronic charts, you might want to get yours from Carl now.

By Ocean Navigator