Focusing on young ocean racers

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Peter Becker of American Yacht Club in Rye, N.Y., has been doing his part to grow the sport of sailing by organizing what has been dubbed the Young America Junior Big Boat Sailing Team (YABBST). Becker helped young sailors get experience in J105s in overnight and other races and then put tougher a team of seven of them between ages 15 and 18 to sail on board High Noon, a Tripp 41 loaned to Becker's YABBST effort by the US Merchant Marine Academy Sailing Foundation for the Newport-Bermuda Race. Becker, along with his colleague Rob Alexander and Spanish offshore veteran Guillermo Altadill, raced with young sailors Collin Alexander, Richard O'Leary, Hector McKemey, William McKeige, Madelyn Ploch, Carina Becker, & Brooks Daley. The first-time ocean racers certainly had a successful race: High Noon was the second boat to finish after the 100-ft. Comanche's record run. Maybe the YABBST idea will spread and help grow a new generation of sailors. Photo below: Barry Pickthall/PPL

By Ocean Navigator