Fleet Week ends in New York Harbor

Dozens of military ships and aircraft, including some from Canada and Denmark, visited New York Harbor for the 15th annual Fleet Week and to participate in a Parade of Ships up the Hudson River and other festivities. Security in the Harbor and waterways was tightened through the establishment of protection and security zones around naval ships and sensitive installations. Non-military vessels were not permitted to come within 100 yards of a naval vessel that was underway, and needed to stand off 200 yards from moored vessels.

The event was highlighted by Memorial Day ceremonies held on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier Intrepid, flagship of the Intrepid Museum, located on Manhattan's West Side, just uptown from Ground Zero.

The week's events went as planned and without incident, as the Coast Guard and other law enforcement agencies maintained tight security in the Harbor and around bridges and tunnels in the area.

By Ocean Navigator