Emergency drinking water, no pumping

Using osmosis rather than the more familiar reverse osmosis process, a company called SeaPack (www.sea-pack.com) will introduce a new emergency drinking water product at the Annapolis Sailboat Show, Oct. 4 to the 8, that requires no pumping. You reportedly just fill the bag with seawater and the water is drawn across an osmotic membrane, leaving salt and other contaminants behind. So if you are stuck in a life raft you won’t need to sit and pump like you would with a reverse osmosis unit. Of course, if you’re in a raft, it seems you might be able to find the time to do some pumping of an RO watermaker.

Ray Hudson on 10/04/2006 01:52

Remember Steve Callahan’s solar still? It’s one of those things I’m always looking for to add to my abandon ship kit but have never found. Does anyone have a source for them? This SeaPack idea sounds good. I’ll check it out at Annapolis.

By Ocean Navigator