Editorial Features

Editorial Mission

Mission: Educate and inspire readers to make safer, more enjoyable voyages along coasts and across oceans with information on equipment, technology, navigation and preparation advice

Regular Features

Ocean Voyaging

Sailors from around the world submit detailed first-hand accounts of their far-flung adventures, from the volatile Southern Ocean to the Alaska coastline.

Marine Technology Notes

A wide ranging exploration of innovations and technology trends for the voyaging yacht.

Nav Problem

A navigation problem in every issue includes suggested answers to navigation puzzlers and valuable practice for all skill levels.

Navigator’s Toolbox

Invaluable tips and tools to hone navigation skills

The Professional Mariner

Whether it’s delivering dynamite on a tramp freighter or salvage diving on a wrecked ship, this section is devoted to the fascinating work of professional seamen.


A large and lively department, where voyagers describe their personal experiences and deliver opinions on navigation and seamanship.

Chartroom Chatter

A readable mix of the latest news of navigation, offshore voyaging, and all things marine – including nautical history, unusual products, and notable new books.

Special Section

Each issue features in-depth coverage of a different hot, need-to-know topic.

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