Dragged Aboard

Dragged Aboard A Cruising Guide for the Reluctant Mateby Don CaseyAt last, a book of advice for life aboard a voyaging boat that is written by someone sensitive to its exact peculiarities. Don Casey’s humor and candor will be appreciated by anyone bound for sea as passenger or inexperienced crew and is daunted at the prospect.

Casey’s opinions are tried methods: His wife Olga, a recurring personality in the book, played guinea pig to his many suggestions. For example, when subjected to the many chronicles of life afloat so that she might familiarize herself with all things nautical, "Olga’s eyes glazed over." Thus, this book, a humorous but informative explanation of what voyaging is really like.

Particularly valuable is Casey’s Bill of Rights: "You have the right to sail on a safe boatYou have the right to essential equipment in working orderYou have the right to sail on tranquil seasYou have the right to be dried, rested, and well fed."

W.W.Norton, New York; 800-223-2584; 180 pages; $27.50.

By Ocean Navigator