Diesel dodges waterspout

For most sailors, a diesel auxiliary engine’s main purpose to to flee from areas of no wind. For Bernadette Hoban of New York City, her Yanmar diesel performed the exact opposite function: Hoban used it to flee too much wind. A waterspout chased her in her Catalina 32 in Oyster Bay, New York on Long Island Sound. Her trusty Yanmar gave her the power to get away.

From the press release: A high-quality, reliable engine is extremely important when encountering danger on the water, especially when it’s unexpected.  Bernadette Hoban of Brooklyn, New York can give abundant thanks to her dependable Yanmar 3YM20 inboard engine for helping bring her to safety after being chased by a waterspout in Oyster Bay, New York.

After enjoying a day of sailing with her friends, Hoban, who resides in Yanmar distributor Mack Boring and Parts Company‘s territory, was heading back to shore when she realized she was being followed.  She turned around to find a dark funnel cloud within 100 yards of her brand new 32’ Catalina boat and getting closer fast.  Then, a fellow boater who knew Hoban radioed and told her to go faster.  “He indicated I needed to put the throttle down in order to outrun the waterspout and I did,” said Hoban.

That’s when her Yanmar 3YM20 diesel engine really showed its power.  “I was going as fast as I could but, the temperature gauge on the engine didn’t raise a single iota,” said Hoban, a sailor of seven years.  “I was very impressed with its performance.  It was powerful enough to take me to safety quickly but also strong enough that it wasn’t stressed.”

The 3-cylinder, 21 hp 3YM20 inboard provides reliable and efficient power.  Easy to maintain and user-friendly, Yanmar inboards offer exceptional torque and powerful electrical systems in a whisper-quiet, low-vibration package.  Yanmar engines distributed by Mack Boring are backed with a comprehensive warranty, reliable service, genuine parts and years of experience.

For over 85 years, Mack Boring has been an industry-leading supply chain partner for premium marine and industrial diesel engines, generators and related products.  The company provides customers with expert service and high-quality parts.

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By Ocean Navigator