Davit wiring color codes

If you purchase two of the Deutsch pigtails from Amazon, then the following will allow you to quickly construct a Y connector allowing both the wired pendant and wireless remote base to be plugged in at the same time.

The following is in order with it plugged in such that the green wire is 24V+ and the orange wire on the other side of the connector is 24V- (the connector will plug in either way, so the orientation is important).

Existing crane 12-pin Deutsch connector (numbered 1 to 6 on top, and 7 to 12 on bottom):
1. Red: Proportional feed
2. Blue: Extend
3. Green: 24VDC+
4. White: Boom down
5. Black: Boom up
6. Yellow: Swing counterclockwise (left)
7. Purple: Swing clockwise (right)
8. Gray: Line down
9. White: Line up
10. Pink: Pump
11. Orange: 24VDC-
12. Brown: Retract

New wireless remote base station (numbered 1 to 6 on top, and 7 to 12 on bottom):
1. Red: 24V+
2. Black: 24V-
3. Orange/black: Boom up
4. Green/black: Boom down
5. White: Winch up
6. Green: Winch down
7. Red/black: Swing counterclockwise
8. Blue/black: Swing clockwise
9. Blue: Extend out
10. Orange: Extend in
11. White/black: Pump
12. Black/white: Proportion

You don’t need the data below to complete the installation of the wireless remote, but if you are trying to diagnose crane problems, the color codes for the wired pendant socket make it quite easy to isolate the problem:

1. Red: 24+
2. NC
3. Black: Retract
4. Light blue: Extend
5. Brown: Boom up
6. White: Boom down
7. NC
8. NC
9. Orange: Proportional
10. Pink: Pump
11. Yellow: Rotate counterclockwise
12. Purple: Rotate clockwise
13. Tan: Winch up
14. Gray: Winch down
15. Dark blue: Ground
16. NC

By Ocean Navigator