Budel rescued, yacht scuttled

Portimao Global Ocean Race competitor Nico Budel has been rescued by the bulk carrier CSK Radiance after the keel bulb on his yacht Hylai was damaged.  Hylai has been scuttled to prevent her becoming a hazard to navigation.

From BYM News:

“The conditions for rescue were not ideal,” said Race Director Josh Hall, who along with MRCC Reunion and the captain of the ship coordinated the rescue. “There was a seven metre swell running and a moderate wind of around 20 knots making it difficult to maneuver a ship the size of Radiance alongside a small yacht. Clearly Captain Singson and his crew are highly experienced seamen and we thank them profusely for not only diverting to help Nico, but also for their skill and determination in pulling off a successful operation.”

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By Ocean Navigator