Bluenose gets a refit

06a Chatterl

A total restoration is planned shortly for Canada’s iconic sailing ambassador, Bluenose II. Built nearly five decades ago to replace her namesake, the black-hulled schooner is now in need of a rebuild.

The restoration work will be completed by a team of boatbuilders from Covey Island Boatworks, Lunenburg Foundry and Snyder’s Shipyard. Together, the firms can lend more than 200 years of combined experience to the project.

The companies will operate under a new joint venture company called the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance whose broader goal is to revitalize Lunenburg, Nova Scotia’s working waterfront and attract new business to the historic maritime community. Restoration of Bluenose II will be their first project.

Covey Island Boatworks is well know for its world-class sailing yachts and exceptional list of schooners. Notable launches include Ted Brewer’s Tree of Life, Starling Burgess’ Nina, Chuck Burns’ Sir Edmund and three Nigel Irens schooners: Maggie B, Farfarer, and PaPa I.

Lunenburg Foundry and Snyder’s Shipyard bring not only plank on frame building experience, but have also maintained Bluenose II and other traditional vessels over the years.

Responsibility for the restoration will be shared, with Covey Island building the hull’s laminated structural framework, Snyder’s building the centerline structure, decking and planking and Lunenburg Foundry fabricating all metal components and overhaul of mechanical systems.

Once complete, operators of Bluenose II hope the schooner will be safer, stronger and easier to maintain. The restored Bluenose II is expected to be back at sea for the summer of 2012.

By Ocean Navigator