AxonRF, Inc. announces its nowire Wireless Tank Monitor System

Kirkland, WA (Aug 15, 2009) – The nowire Wireless Tank Monitoring System (TMS) is the first in a series of products that AxonRF will be releasing using its enhanced IEEE 802.15.4 wireless network hardware and software.
The nowire TMS eliminates running wires between the sensors on the tank and the display panel. This is particularly beneficial in an aftermarket refit.  nowire TMS is easy to install, very reliable and requires no special tools or knowledge.   It can be installed and configured in minutes.
The nowire TMS uses SensaTank II Mirus sensors to read through plastic water, holding and gray water tanks.  These field tested sensors eliminate cutting holes in the tanks by reading through the tank walls. In addition they never need calibrating, cleaning or servicing.
Available in a single tank starter kit the system is expandable to 3 tanks and 4 display panels.  There are no concerns about the location of the tank(s) or desired location for the display panel(s).
The nowire TMS modules are powered by 12/24 VDC house power.  An optional version of the display panel module is available that will operate 2-3 years on 2AA batteries.
The nowire wireless network products are IEEE 802.15.4 standard compliant and the hardware is United States (FCC), Canada (IC) and Europe (ETSI) approved.  The nowire TMS modules have a range of approximately 80 feet(24 meters).
By Ocean Navigator