Annual issue seeks boat projects

A 436
Each year, we publish American Yacht Review, a collection of some of the finest custom sailboats built, designed or owned in North America. If you’re a subscriber, you received your copy in September; if not, hustle out to the newsstand and get one they’re going fast!

Putting the issue together involves numerous calls to designers and boatyards around the country, indeed, around the world. We harangue these people to describe their latest efforts, and, as I wrote in an editorial in the 2001 edition, we demand to know their trade secrets and ask for their visions of the future in yacht building and design.

We're also interested in refits, and this year we featured a refit story for the first time, Steve D'Antonio's "Refitting a classic." We'd like to hear from you about your refits, whether it was a total refurbishment of a tired yacht, a basic redesign of an interior or a clever upgrade to one of your boat's systems. Projects done on a tight budget are particularly dear to our hearts.

Please send ideas, anecdotes, letters and photos to my attention, American Yacht Review, Box 569, Portland, ME 04112. I look forward to hearing about the ideas that make voyaging life afloat a uniquely joyful experience.

By Ocean Navigator