AISWatchMate Enhances Safety with New Graphical Situation and Crossing Displays

Whether sailing in local harbors or journeying farther afield in coastal or offshore waters, mariners worldwide are utilizing the many safety benefits of AIS. Use of the Automatic Identification System (AIS) increases situational awareness and brings improved safety for passengers and crew – most notably collision avoidance.

The AISWatchMate is an ideal partner for maximizing the benefits of AIS. Regardless of whether a vessel has a recently approved Class B transponder or a receive-only unit aboard – all AIS data needs some interpretive display or interpretation.

The AISWatchMate works with both receivers and transponders and provides the user with prioritized AIS data. The recently upgraded graphical situation display provides a ‘heading-up’ image and shows a visual representation of the AIS targets in your vicinity. Unique to the AISWatchMate is a display showing the relative position of your vessel and the target vessel at the time of CPA. This feature greatly assists in determining crossing situations by showing graphically whether a target will pass ahead, behind or aside you.

With alarms based on CPA and TCPA, this dedicated safety device prioritizes AIS targets helping the navigator quickly sort out the targets that matter. In areas with high volumes of shipping traffic such as harbors or coastal shipping channels, the AISWatchMate assists to quickly and efficiently identify the most dangerous targets. Additionally, the unit has many unique features including filters to eliminate false alarms, customized profiles and very low power consumption. Profiles include harbor, coastal, offshore and anchored modes and allow the user to quickly switch alarm and filter settings as sailing conditions change. The unit has an intuitive user interface which is easy for any crew member to understand and use.

Ideally suited for all safety minded sailors, the AISWatchMate brings added piece of mind and increases safety at sea, especially for short-handed racing and off-shore crews. For more information and a list of resellers please visit our website at

By Ocean Navigator