Introducing WESMAR’s Cutting Edge Security and Navigation Sonar

Woodinville, WA-14 Nov. 2008 – WESMAR is introducing the EV850 series, a new, all digital navigation and security sonar. This searchlight sonar provides extremely detailed information about the waters around and beneath boats while at anchor or cruising. In today’s climate of growing vulnerability at sea, protection against underwater obstacles and intruders is something no vessel can ignore. WESMAR’s advanced EV850 narrow beam gives amazing shallow water performance, never before achieved with sonar. Thanks to active stabilization, the new sonar series provides reliable target tracking, even in rough water where other sonar are inoperable. A few of the sonar’s stunning features include:

• Active electronic gyro controlled stabilization capable of correcting for 34 degrees of movement per second

• 110 kHz frequency, proven effective in numerous tests for both navigation and underwater intruder detection

• Large array transducers that have up to 30 percent more detection elements than conventional sonar with greater transmit power and receiving sensitivity

• A unique ‘power booster’ system that supplies high voltage to the transmitter, ensuring a strong transmit pulse for maximum transfer of acoustic energy

Additionally, the sonar screen never leaves the monitor when making adjustments, essential to avoiding hazards or tracking divers. The sonar has the ability to detect and follow divers many hundreds of feet away, providing early warning and time for response. Concerns of both navigation and security can be relieved with WESMAR’s EV850 sonar by ensuring a safe course while cruising in unknown or hazardous waters, scanning harbor entrances for safe passage, and searching tidal anchorages for mooring hazards.  The exciting news of the EV850 sonar means both navigation and security needs of all types of vessels traveling the oceans of the world can be met simultaneously.

By Ocean Navigator