Quickline announces precision design Ultra Anchor

Huntington Beach, Calif. – Quickline, a world-class importer of quality marine gear and accessory products, announced today the Ultra Anchor. The fastest-setting and highest-holding anchor on the market, the Ultra Anchor has a unique, rugged and strong design that features a very low center of gravity ensuring it consistently lands upright on the seafloor. The Ultra Anchor’s pointed, curved tip, hollow shank and lead-filled concave base allows it to set in virtually all bottom conditions, penetrating even the toughest surfaces quickly and ensuring extra strong holding power. Offering boaters increased anchoring efficiency and flexibility, the Quickline Ultra Anchor’s precision design ensures safe and worry-free anchoring in all conditions.

The Quickline Ultra Anchor’s innovative dipper-styled concave fluke body provides superior holding power and resists the tendency to extricate from a set position. Its swivel/shackle attachment eye is reinforced for extra strength and ergonomically positioned to place the
Ultra Anchor’s weight on its curved tip for the ultimate setting and grip. While many anchors on the market excel in only one type of sea bottom, the Ultra Anchor sets in the greatest variety of seabeds including sand, unconsolidated soils, sea grass and kelp, providing complete versatility that is particularly useful for extended voyages. In the event of a wind direction or tidal changes, the Ultra Anchor will remain set or immediately reset to keep a vessel and its cargo secure. For seamless retrieval, the anchor’s wide flat underside pivot base allows the Ultra Anchor to be easily extracted from being buried under the seafloor. In addition, its low center of gravity aids in proper alignment of the anchor when retrieved into the bow roller.

“The Quickline Ultra Anchor is the best anchor on the market; boaters simply drop it, set it and forget it’,” said Randy Boelsems, president, QuicklineUSA. “The anchor’s sleek design not only looks good, but ensures quick-sets and retrieval, and a superior holding strength that gives captains of any vessel, whether sail, power, single or multi hull, a safe and stress-free anchoring experience. Boaters who use it say they sleep better at night when anchored with the Ultra Anchor.”

The self-aligning and self-burying Quickline Ultra Anchor has a sophisticated appearance that appeals to even the most discerning yachtsman. Constructed of 316L extra low carbon grade stainless steel, the same material used in surgical applications, the anchor delivers the ultimate in strength and rust resistance, and its fully enclosed lead base eliminates any electrolysis issues and concerns. The Ultra Anchor’s contemporary shank design fits a wide variety of yacht bow rollers, and delivers seamless launching and stowage of the anchor without touching other parts of the boat or the need for manual assistance. With a geometric construction that drives its efficient setting and holding power, the Ultra Anchor does not require a roll bar to attain its position or chain weight to penetration the bottom. The anchor’s anti-foul bar ensures that the anchor rode will not tangle on the shank or dislodge the anchor from its set position. The harder the rode pulls, the more deeply the anchor digs in. The Ultra Anchor is also an eco-friendly solution; typically setting within its own length, it reduces bottom environment impact, and its high polished surface resists mud and debris sticking.

The Quickline Ultra Anchor comes complete with a satisfaction guarantee program, a progressive upgrade policy and is protected by a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials. Quickline also provides the Ultra Bow Roller and Ultra Swivel to complement the Ultra Anchor and provide a total anchor handling solution.

Pricing and Availability:

The Quickline Ultra Anchor is available in 15 sizes ranging from 18 to 440 pounds (8 to 200 KG) and has a retail price range of USD $900.00 to $15,000.00. Additional sizes are manufactured to order. Quickline Ultra Anchors are available for purchase on special order from marine hardware dealers, leading boat yards throughout the United States and Canada, and the Quickline website. For more information on the Ultra Anchor, Quickline or its entire marine product line, please contact 714-843-6964 or visit www.quickline.us.

By Ocean Navigator