Tri record attempt upended


French sailor Lionel Lemonchois aboard his 80-foot maxi trimaran Prince de Bretagne has been trying to break the record for the fastest passage between two of the world's "Port Louis"- Port Louis in France to Port Louis in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, known as the Mauricienne Record. On January 27 when he was roughly 800 miles off the Brazilian coast, Lemonchois triggered his EPIRB. Prince de Bretagne had capsized and he was in the central hull and was unhurt. There are reports Lemonchois cut away some or all of the boat's rig, though no word on how he did this while the boat was turtled. According to his website, Lemonchois has no intention of abandoning the boat. Four support team members are headed for Brazil and will assist in towing the vessel to port. 

By Ocean Navigator