Summer Sailstice set for June 19


Summer Sailstice has become an international one-day event to celebrate sailing — wherever you may be. Founded in 2001, the event has grown from 200 boats to more than 2,000. The formula is simple and costs nothing. Just visit and sign up. Some sailors turn it into a yacht club event, for some it’s a day to be shared with a sailing club, school or association, but for many it’s just a non-competitive, special day on the water to celebrate the Summer Solstice with family and friends. There are no rules, fees or start times; you participate just by sailing. The Summer Sailstice Web site lists plenty of ways to participate, find local events, invite others and even find crew. There are even prizes for signing up.

Summer Sailstice is a fun opportunity to share your passion for sailing with others around the globe.

By Ocean Navigator