FilterBoss Compact Fuel Polishing Modules

Southwick, MA – KTI Systems has introduced a new line of compact FilterBoss fuel polishing modules (FPM) designed to fit into tight engine compartments and other small onboard spaces. These new models have such a small footprint that many boat owners will now be able to install a filtration system into spaces where traditional units would have never fit before. This allows them to take advantage of KTI’s advanced onboard fuel polishing to virtually eliminate fuel contamination, the number one cause of engine problems. 
The new FilterBoss FPM models provide the same filtration performance as the larger units, in a smaller footprint. Fully programmable using a seven-day timer, they can be set up to scrub all onboard fuel on a scheduled basis to ensure it is clear of water and other contaminants at all times. They use reliable Racor marine filters, which are specifically designed for the harsh marine environment and readily available when replacement filters are needed.
FilterBoss FPM models come with either manual or programmable controls. The programmable FPM-A models are available in either 90 or 180 GPH (gallons per hour) capacities and include an automatic shut-off feature that detects filter clogs or water in the filter to stop the filtration process before it contaminates the remaining fuel supply. The manual FPM models include 60, 90 and 180 GPH capacity models that offer complete fuel polishing benefits without the programmable or auto shut-off features. All
 models are also available for either 12 or 24-volt electric systems and are all easily installed and require only minimal routine maintenance.    

KTI Systems is a family-owned company based in Southwick, Massachusetts. They offer the unique line of FilterBoss advanced fuel filtration systems that use KTI’s exclusive patented filtering technology invented through the owner’s real-life needs and experience as a boater.  They now offer a wide array of FilterBoss fuel polishing products engineered to fit the needs of almost any size fuel system.

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