Dennis Conner’s 1987 America’s Cup comeback

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The National Sailing Hall of Fame reminds sailing history and America’s Cup fans that ESPN Classic will broadcast the story of Dennis Conner’s comeback win in 1987 when he recaptured the America’s Cup from the Australians. Included in the show, which airs on Saturday, Feb. 4, are scenes of Conner’s Oct. 23, 2011 induction into the National Sailing Hall of Fame at the San Diego Yacht Club.

From the press release: ESPN Classic ‹presents 1987 America’s Cup Retrospective this Saturday, February 4, 2010.

Six months after losing the America’s Cup in 1983, Hall of Famer Dennis Conner mounted a comeback. But, first he had to defeat 12 other teams to earn the right to be the challenger.

After a grueling elimination series Conner prevailed, and faced the Australians in the 1987 America’s Cup. Conner won in four straight, and became a national hero. ESPN covered the races live.

An ESPN Classic program, scheduled for airing this weekend on February 4th, revisits this amazing comeback tale. Dennis Conner relives the experience on the 25th year Anniversary of his victory with Stars & Stripes, including scenes from the October 23rd NSHOF Induction at the San Diego Yacht Club.‹ â€šThe program is sponsored by North Sails and Rolex. It is hosted by Gary Jobson and Jim Kelly.‹ â€š1987 America’s Cup Retrospective – on ESPN Classic‹ â€šSaturday, February 4, 2012‹‹ 

2:00am ET  (11:00pm PT February 3)

12:00pm ET  (9:00am PT)‹ 

7:00pm ET  (4:00pm PT)

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