Case studies

Here are several case studies for a range of boats that sold in 2013-2014. The following boats are all well-equipped, if not luxuriously appointed, offshore cruisers that sold to local sailors. All were presented in perfect working order with the exception of the Wauquiez Amphitrite, which had some systems seize up during its long wait for a buyer. The prize for a quick sale among our cohorts went to a 2001 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43 — the new owner slapped down his payment before this vessel even reached Australia! (Apologies, but the owner does not wish to disclose details other than to say the boat listed in the AU$150-200,000 range). Another vessel, a 2003 Beneteau 423, listed for AU$160,000 and sold for AU$150,000 within six weeks of arrival. During that time, it hosted three prospective buyers before eventually going to a Queensland sailor planning on coastal sailing.

Our sloop, Namani, a 1981 Dufour 35, listed for AU$70,000 and sold for AU$60,000 within six weeks of arrival, plus an additional $2500 for the Parasailor, negotiated separately. Two serious parties came to view her in this time. The new owner is an Australian planning on coastal cruising in Queensland.

Another older vessel, a 1975 Wauquiez Amphitrite 43 ketch, listed ambitiously at AU$120,000 and waited six months before eventually selling for AU$73,000. This vessel is a solid build but needed new rigging and other improvements. The new owners plan to cruise locally and hope to someday cruise overseas.

A 1989 steel Reinke 42 listed for AU$80,000 and sold within six weeks for AU$74,000. Three serious parties came to view the boat. The owner stripped the boat of extras such as spinnaker and scuba tanks to sell separately. The decade-old rigging was a cause for concern but did not ultimately hinder the sale. The new owner intends to use the vessel as a live-aboard in Queensland.

By Ocean Navigator