Wild ride for Portimao racers

Past the halfway point on the third leg of their round-the-world race, competitors in the Portimao Global Ocean race still have 2000 between them and Cape Horn, and more than twice that distance to Ilhabela, Brazil.  Gale force winds are no joke in the Southern Ocean, especially not in a 40-foot boat.

From BYMNews.com:

Under the watchful eye of MRCC (Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre) Punta Arenas in Chile, the Portimão Global Ocean Race fleet have been hooked into a south-westerly band of strong winds spinning from a low pressure system moving eastwards, centred above the northern limit of Antarctica. With MRCC Punta Arenas warning of 90 knot gusts for the fleet yesterday (08/03) and the nearest spec of land – Easter Island – 1,100 miles to the north-east, the teams have been focussed on preserving themselves and their boats, but are still maintaining good pace.

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By Ocean Navigator