Unorthodox backup GPS


To the editor: I’m the celestial navigator (along with other duties) on the Beneteau sloop Last One. Always looking for the more than one instrument to determine position, I found that my Garmin Nuvi GPS that I use for driving directions can be used as a wonderful backup to the on board chartplotter GPS.

Insert the arrival buoy of your home channel as a named position, and then using that data you can find distance and direction to starting position. I may not care to use this device for full-time nav work, but as a backup it sure is handy. You can’t have too many sources of nav information. Since I already have the Garmin for normal travel, it’s great to carry on board and when in port to find a local hospital, Kmart, or Taco Bell!!  
—Mike Shane will use his car GPS on the water just so he doesn’t have to pull over to ask for directions.

By Ocean Navigator