The Annotated Sailing Alone Around the World

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The Annotated Sailing Alone Around the World
By Captain Joshua Slocum
Annotated by Rod Scher
Sheridan House,
Dobbs Ferry, NY
224 pages

Joshua Slocum’s epic solo circumnavigation aboard his 37-foot sloop, Spray, in 1895 stands as one of the most important voyages of all time. His first-person account of the voyage, Sailing Alone Around the World has become a classic in maritime literature. But for many readers, sailor and land lubber alike, there was much to be read between the lines when it came to understanding Slocum, a quirky, somewhat eccentric adventurer.

Rod Scher’s new annotated version of Slocum’s work is an engaging commentary on the book and this remarkable man. His well-researched sidebars shed new light on Slocum’s classic work along with insights into the man. The book demystifies much of the maritime jargon of the time. For the first-time reader or veteran salt whose dog-eared copy of Sailing Alone holds its place in the ship library, Scher’s annotated version is a joy to read. I came away with empathy for the lost sailor who for better or for worse fought his demons on the wind.

By Ocean Navigator