Second shot at North Pacific solo


On April 27, British ocean rower Sarah Outen, 27, began her solo row from Japan to Canada. If successful she will become the first woman to row solo across the North Pacific Ocean from west to east and the first person to ever row solo from Japan to Canada. This is her second attempt. Her first attempt was thwarted by a tropical storm just one year ago.

The voyage will cover 4,500 nautical miles and is expected to take 150 to 200 days. The passage is one leg of Outen’s London2London expedition. London2London is a circumnavigation that includes rowing, cycling and kayaking.

“The North Pacific has already proven itself to be the most grueling part of my whole London2London expedition,” Outen said. “Physically and mentally, I know I will be exhausted most of the time — the distance, the weather conditions and my complete isolation will make it hugely challenging…”

By Ocean Navigator