Second record attempt scrubbed

4 Paris

Dr. Stanley Paris’s second attempt to break Dodge Morgan’s solo, nonstop circumnavigation record ended on Christmas Eve when the mainsail on his 63-foot sloop Kiwi Spirit experienced panel separation. Dr. Paris explained his situation on his blog: “Once again my attempt to complete a solo circumnavigation has come to an end. On Xmas Eve the top quarter of the [mainsail] separated along a seam from the rest of the sail. This is not repairable by me at sea and given the gales I can expect before I round the tip of South Africa it is once again not advisable to continue.”

Dr. Paris arrived in Cape Town on Dec. 30, 2014. He will have the sail repaired and plans to return to his U.S. hometown of St. Augustine. A third attempt at the record seems unlikely. 

By Ocean Navigator