Sea Survival Handbook

Sea Survival Handbook: The Complete Guide to Survival at Sea
By Keith Colwell
Skyhorse Publishing, NY, NY

Keith Colwell's new book, Sea Survival Handbook, is a must read for anyone planning to venture offshore. An employee of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, where he manages and trains safety advisors, Colwell is also an experienced sailor offering practical advice for dealing with emergencies.

The book covers everything from heavy weather preparedness to fire control, abandoning ship, man-overboard techniques, search and rescue, communications and much more. The various topics well illustrated with many of the key points highlighted in a handy "Tip Box" for quick reference. There are also checklists, equipment recommendations and a comprehensive glossary.

This is not a first-aid book. It is a practical guide to survival designed to prepare sailors for the difficulties of abandoning ship.


By Ocean Navigator