Satisfied autopilot user corrects an omission

A 382
To the editor: Thank you for the excellent recent article about autopilots (“The inner life of an autopilot,” Issue 120, March/April 2002). I was a bit surprised to note that reference to autopilot products from Tecnautic was omitted from the list of sources for autopilots. I believe other readers will find their products of interest.

In my experience, their products are in the forefront of capability in all areas, especially in their very economic incorporation of a solid-state gyro in the fluxgate-based heading reference system. The gyro has a major positive impact on autopilot performance, especially in difficult situations, such as running narrow channels and in following-sea conditions. I found the products to be very well designed and built and, thanks to the extensive use of RJ-45-style connectors, outstandingly easy to install. The company is a bit unusual in that they market their products only via the Internet (, but perhaps this marketing means is as advanced as their design, performance and value.

Chuck Husick is an Ocean Navigator contributing editor. He has a Tecnautic unit aboard his 46-foot ketch Bonne Étoile but has no connection to the Tecnautic autopilot company.

By Ocean Navigator