Sailors seeking to protect the oceans


Sailors for the Sea is a Newport, R.I.-based non-profit committed to educating and empowering the boating community to protect our ocean and local waters. Through racing events, programs and projects and community outreach, the organization hopes to raise awareness of the environmental threats faced by our ocean. Sailors for the Sea hopes that through education, sailors can lead the effort to protect the oceans. The group’s website is a treasure trove of environmental education resources, including a growing database of online essays dealing with everything from the protection of bluefin tuna to the impact of plastics in the Pacific. The group has even introduced a voluntary certification program called Certified Sea-Friendly that is aimed at the marine manufacturing industry with the hope of improving the environmental, economic and social aspects of the boatbuilding industry.

Under the guidance of Executive Director Dan Pingaro along with long-time environmentalist David Rockefeller, Jr., Sailors for the Sea hopes to increase the level of protection and support the restoration of our oceans and coastal waters. For more information visit

By Ocean Navigator