Sailboat and bulker collision on Long Island Sound

The next issue of Professional Mariner will include coverage of the fatal collision in late September involving a 600-foot-long bulk carrier and a 92-foot sailboat on Long Island Sound. Visibility was good at the time. A New York pilot was aboard the bulk carrier.

The sailboat was struck by the bulk carrier near Roanoke Point Shoals off the north shore of Long Island at about 0400. The Coast Guard launched a rescue boat from Station New Haven. It arrived on the scene at 0429. The crew of the sailboat consisted of one woman and two men. The woman was pronounced dead at Yale New Haven Hospital. One of the two men was treated for mild hypothermia.

The third crewmember, its captain, was rescued by a boat from the bulk carrier and was in good condition. The Coast Guard is investigating the accident.

By Ocean Navigator