Sabre Yachts provides iPad 2 manual

Remember the days of the paper owner’s manual? Sabre Yachts has announced it will do away with that idea forever with its new iPad 2-based owner’s manual called the Sabre LaunchPad. An innovative approach to gathering all the considerable info an owner needs to operate and troubleshoot today’s fairly complex vessels.

From the press release: “Using web-based services powered by OnBoard, each new Sabre yacht more than 40 feet will have its specification and equipment manuals preloaded online. Dealer and client-installed equipment will be added as the boat goes through commissioning and into service.

“Using the iPad 2, an owner will be able to search manuals on or offline, report service issues, keep maintence logs and take advantage of the many sailing and boating Apps configured for the Apple iPad that Sabre has preloaded for them. The LaunchPad can be used to maintain a complete service history that will be securely stowed for only the owner and those selected for access. All records and history can be transferred to future owners, creating the first online program to support a boat throughout its life.”

By Ocean Navigator