Rocket company changing marine communications

SpaceX is working with several satcom companies to launch satellites that will continue to change communication options for mariners. The space technology company successfully launched a satellite for Iridium Communications on June 25, which will join a constellation of satellites that, when completed, will provide global shipboard Internet access.

SpaceX and Iridium are also working together with AIS provider exactEarth to improve AIS technology.

“We live in a real-time world and we’re deploying a major global real-time maritime data infrastructure,” said Peter Mabson, CEO of exactEarth. “Exact-View RT provides global continuous coverage, which literally opens up a world of new application possibilities that are limited only by our imagination.”

SpaceX has already influenced the marine industry with its development of autonomous spaceport drone ships — self-driving, barge-like landing pads for returning rockets — which are stored at the Port of Los Angeles and Port Canaveral.

The director of Port Canaveral, Captain John Murray, called the developing industry a valuable addition to the port’s operations, and expects the new line of business to grow as more rocket companies join SpaceX. He has received inquiries from several other companies in the space industry, according to Maritime Executive magazine.

By Ocean Navigator