Quotes from Volvo Race sailors on Leg Four


· "In one of the tacks, when moving all the gear, I injured myself on a knife accidentally sticking out of a bag with tools. It looked a bit messy for a while, but after treatment by Doctor Kessel I was fine again. The cut on my wrist was actually glued together with superglue! Great stuff that superglue and Doctor Kessel!" — Gurra Krantz, Team SEB.

· "It feels a bit strange right now. Here we are sailing side by side in flat water, only 7 knots of wind. It’s so quiet I can hear the guys breathing in their bunks. In a week we will hardly hear our voices for all the noise on deck from waves breaking over the deck, winches grinding and crew screaming." — Knut Frostad, djuice dragons.

· "One thing I’ve noticed after having the last leg off is that the standard in the fleet has improved noticeably since legs one and two." — Nick White, Team News Corp.

These quotes are used with permission from the Volvo site: www.volvooceanrace.org.

By Ocean Navigator