Oldest circumnavigator?


In May of this year, New Jersey adventurer, John Gage, is anticipated to become one of the oldest to join the exclusive list of circumnavigators when, at age 74, he sails into Raritan Bay on the New Jersey coast.

Gage is a long time member of the United States Power Squadrons, the nation’s largest boating education organization. He set off on the adventure of his life on December 18, 2003 on his 42-foot sloop. The final leg of the journey will be for Brazil to Saint Lucia to home. His return will be highlighted when members of the local Shrewsbury Power Squadron, form a flotilla of vessels to escort their courageous fellow sailor as he rounds Sandy Hook. A well-deserved celebration is planned at the Raritan Yacht Club to honor his accomplishment.

Since 1977 he dreamed of sailing around the world. In 2003 he came to the realization that those “dreams were golden, but time was a thief”. He looked for the ideal boat and when he first saw his sloop, he became convinced that this would be the vessel to share his journey. He thought of no more fitting name to christen her than “Dream Catcher”.

Gage had imagined that his greatest satisfaction would be the successful completion of the journey. He now declares that the most gratifying aspect has been the individual legs taken and the people met along the way. He recalls that there were “magical nights with wonderful new friends.

By Ocean Navigator