Offshore telemedicine services explained

From Ocean Navigator #99
July/August 1999
To the editor: Thank you for summarizing the services of the Maritime Health Services Division of Global Medical Systems, Inc. (MHS), in the recent story by William Boyd on telemedicine (“Doctor on Call,” Issue No. 97, Ocean Voyager). There are just a few points that I wish to mention.

In the text, MHS is referred to as a subsidiary of AEA International. As of June 1998 MHS has been independent of AEA International but has maintained full access to the services of this leading provider of international medical assistance. Dr. Brown and I now focus on the demanding challenges of providing remote medical support to vessels at sea and other isolated locations around the world.

The correct address for MHS is:

Maritime Health Services Division

Global Medical Systems, Inc. 2701

First Avenue, Suite 105

Seattle, Wash. 98112

voice: 206-781-8770 fax

: 206-781-8771


Dr. Brown:

MHS for medical advice:

Telex: 6838206 – MHS-UW

It is important to note that MHS physicians will take calls for medical advice from any person, anytime, for any reason with or without an annual contract. While we do have a number of clients with large commercial vessels, Dr. Brown and I have chosen to make MHS services available to recreational vessels at very affordable annual contract rates and to ensure that seafarers of all sorts have access to potentially life-saving physician support. Our small-vessel clients receive the same attention and support as would the operator of a large ship on a circumnavigation voyage.

MHS offers the USCG-approved Save a Life at Sea (SALTS) advanced medical training program in Seattle on a regular basis and elsewhere on request. Finally, MHS develops custom medical chests that can be delivered worldwide.

By Ocean Navigator