Notable New Books: Sail Care & Repair

From Ocean Navigator #131
July/August 2003
Dan Neri, an accomplished and successful sailmaker based in Newport, R.I., has turned his no-nonsense approach to building sails to the writing of this valuable book on the care of sails. There have been numerous books published that explain traditional sail care – leather palm, needles, leather patches, etc. – but Neri’s project goes a big step farther. He has written the book for the self-reliant sailor, both coastal and offshore, but he has incorporated the latest advances in technology and practices that have revolutionized sails and sail care in the last decade.

Chapters include discussions of working with a sail loft to make repairs, a look at common sail repair tools and their uses, sail hardware and, of course, an elaborate chapter on do-it-yourself onboard repairs. Another valuable section – at the back of the book – is an analysis of the numerous sail-handling systems available. To have a sailmaker evaluate these systems is a rare voice of reason in this confusing market.

An especially helpful section describes the use of a sewing machine and how to manage most repairs. Numerous photos accompany the text.

Beowulf Press, Tucson, Ariz.; 232 pages; $34.95.

By Ocean Navigator