Life raft jumps ship


Jeanne Socrates, 69, reported that she had an excellent start as she began her third attempt at a nonstop, unassisted, circumnavigation aboard Nereida, her 2009 Najad 380 sloop.

Socrates departed Victoria, B.C., on Oct. 22, 2012, via the Strait of Juan de Fuca. She sailed into the Pacific, headed for Cape Horn. Facing strong headwinds, she was forced to cut loose her life raft, which had fallen overboard and was trailing behind the boat.

Tim Sell

“Unbelievably, while heeled well over and banging into rough seas, I found the newly-serviced life raft had ‘jumped ship’ and was trailing along behind us, acting as a sea anchor…” Socrates wrote on her blog. “I had to cut it away. Clearly, it was not sensible to continue far without trying to replace it, so it was agreed that I could stop in San Francisco to do that, so long as I did all the necessary work and no one boarded the boat or gave me any physical assistance before continuing on towards Cape Horn.”

Socrates diverted to San Francisco where she arrived on Oct. 31. With the help of Sals Inflatable’s of Alameda, Calif., she was able to secure a new life raft, reinstall it without assistance, and has resumed her voyage.

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By Ocean Navigator