Leave laptop ashore with e-mail service

From Ocean Navigator #87
January/February 1998
A new service offered by an American software firm may help some voyagers stay in contact with e-mail without having to carry a laptop.

The so-called JE Mail-Call system enables users to access e-mail messages from a telephone anywhere in the world by entering a personal identification number (PIN). According to company officials at JE Software in Mount Vernon, N.Y., a computerized voice reads the message over the phone. Messages can be replied to by speaking into the phone. The company’s software then converts the speech into a text message and routes it to its destination. Received messages are automatically saved at the user’s address for later review.

“It’s a great way to stay in touch if you travel a lot and can’t always bring a computer along,” said Joel Hudesman, project manager for JE Software. For a demonstration of the JE Mail system, call 888-462-4348.

By Ocean Navigator