Learning Firsthand


On November 3rd, in an effort to raise employee awareness about the customer experience with their products, Interlux held an interactive bottom-paint demonstration at their headquarters in Union, NJ.  

Employees applied InterProtect 2000E epoxy barrier coat, Trilux 33 antifouling, 404 Epoxy primer, Perfection topcoat and Interdeck to a Catalina 22 that was in desperate need of exterior restoration.  

The goal of the interactive project was to illustrate as clearly as possible the difference between the “before” and “after” states of the boat, as well as the ease with which the average boater owner could paint their own vessel. So Interlux left half the boat unrestored, while coating the other half fully in their products.

Interlux North America Marketing Manager Elenor Ekman stated, “This boat was in very poor condition, so if you have a boat in reasonable condition the job will be even easier. If you can paint your kitchen cabinets, you can paint your boat.”

By Ocean Navigator