Innovative Electronics Leader Launches Most Durable and Flexible ECDIS Displays on the Market
Birdsboro, PA –KEP Marine – the manufacturer of industry-leading, type approved displays, computers and peripherals, announced today that in its recent acquisition by Sparton Corporation, KEP Marine’s production will be integrated into the facilities of Aydin Displays – a subsidiary of Sparton. New to Aydin’s award-winning product line and offered in conjunction with KEP Marine, is the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) compatible Omega Series type approved LCD displays.

Competitively priced, the Omega Series is available in 15- and 19-inch screen sizes, and designed for use in the harshest marine environments, including salt air, high vibration and shock, thermal variations and varying light levels. The products are designed to meet all applicable international standards including IEC60945, IACS-UR-E10, with ABS type approval. Available with automatic switching between AC and DC versions, with or without touchscreens, and able to support multiple inputs, the Omega Series displays are designed, manufactured and tested entirely in the United States.

“In the world of marine electronics, products have to be built to not only function, but to endure constant use in the worst conditions – without fail or compromise,” said Anthony Zuccarelli, director of marine products, KEP Marine. “There are many series ‘1’ displays currently in use, both in commercial and recreational vessels that are outdated or aren’t up to those standards. Our new, top-of-the-line Omega displays incorporate the latest technology. The 15- and 19-inch are drop-in compatible with older Hatteland series ‘1’ displays allowing customers to upgrade to new technology easily without going through a major refit.”

For more information on the Omega Series displays, KEP Marine or its entire marine product line, contact 800-631-2165 ext 353 (toll-free) in the USA or visit

By Ocean Navigator