Intelligent Maintenance LLC Releases INTELLIGENTLOGBOOK – An Interactive Trip Management System For Sail And Power Boaters

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 – For hundreds of years, boaters have relied upon the traditional paper logbook to keep records of voyages but the need to keep accurate and detailed records of location and conditions has largely been ignored by todays computer and GPS driven navigation programs.

IntelligentLogBook™ is a new, software based logbook program that changes the way boaters plan, record and enjoy their experiences.

Integrating todays technology with the more traditional elements of a paper logbook, IntelligentLogBook™ combines the simple functionality of a traditional logbook, but uses GPS connectivity to automatically record their data while underway.

Its interactive, user friendly interface allows easy access to so much more than just position and condition logging. The ability to have important boat and safety data at your fingertips while underway is integrated with the ability to store photos, keep records of your crew, their experience level and to plan future trips.

Combining the functionality of GPS integration and Google™, boaters now have the ability to automatically plot their trips online.  While this is not intended to be a navigational aid, it allows the Skipper to share the trip and experiences with  crew, friends and guests. “We like to think we have reinvented the log book” says company President,  Adrian Stanway.

At $39.95, the Windows based software is priced in line with a traditional logbook yet has many customizable features that are just not possible to achieve with a paper logbook.

Intelligent Maintenance LLC is a small software design house dedicated to the design, production and marketing of software that is both intuitive and a pleasure to use.

Jonathan Killip, Intelligent Maintenance LLC, 510 206 9152

For more information or to download a demo copy, visit us at or email

By Ocean Navigator