MIAMI, FLA. (May 6, 2020) — Boatrax, a Florida-based Marine Tech Startup, is excited to announce that its product is the first remote monitoring device to be NMEA 2000 Certified by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA).
Born in the yachting capital of the world, Boatrax was first introduced at the 2018 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show as a unique Internet of Things (IoT) platform that connects boat owners to their vessels in real-time. Boatrax can monitor and log important data about a boat’s critical systems including engine temp, oil pressure, RPMs, fuel consumption, location, bilge cycles, and battery voltage.
“As lifelong boaters and boat owners, it is a significant milestone for us to receive such certification as this is the first technology of its kind designed specifically for the marine electronics market,” said David Villegas, co-founder and director of business development of Boatrax. “Our mission is to not only continue making logging and tracking information a seamless process, but to be the gateway of the marine technology ecosystem.”
The NMEA is a US-based marine electronics trade organization who sets standards of communication between marine electronics. NMEA 2000 is a communications standard that requires serial data communications networks to interconnect marine electronic equipment on vessels. 
A certification like this paves the way  for the future of smart boating. This is a breakthrough that allows for collaboration with other major key players in the industry such as boat manufacturers, service providers and dealers, to overall improve the boat ownership experience and make a difference in the way boats are managed. Boatrax helps turn boaters into experts on understanding its boat’s systems status with ease.
Simple to install and use, Boatrax brings boat owners peace of mind with a smart boat experience that allows them to monitor their vessel from their phones via the Boatrax App. For more information on Boatrax pricing and subscriptions visit Boatrax.com.

By Ocean Navigator