Flip it over

Reader Greg Rudzinski chimes in on a celestial navigation sight taking technique that makes star sights much easier: the upside-down sextant sight. After all, which is simpler to accomplish? Bringing the tiny star down to the horizon or bringing the big horizon up to the star? Here is Greg’s advice:

“Just to be different I started taking observations with the sextant inverted so that the celestial body is seen in the scope straight through the horizon glass. If the observer can get past the stiff neck and awkward over the top micrometer drum position then this method will allow the horizon to be brought up to the celestial body. Flipping the sextant back over has everything right where you want it.

“I choose to time the sight from the inverted position leaving my right hand free for recording purposes. There are also no index shades to intrude on the field of view. Give it a shot and your right arm will thank you.”

By Ocean Navigator